Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merrickville Locks

Here are two photos taken in Merrickville. The top photo shows the lockmasters house and the basin now empty for the winter. This is part of the Rideau Canal system. The second photo shows the rushing water in the river which the canal was built to bypass. 
The photos on this blog were all taken with my android google phone using Retro Camera, however, these two, they were taken with my Kodak DC4800.


  1. wow great views i would love to take thousands of photos there jeeezz

  2. Looks gorgeous but cold. Freezing here in Paris. Carla

  3. It's -14C today with a very cold wind. Yor hands will freeze while you are trying for that perfect shot. -M

  4. ohh....
    I wish I was there...It never snows here..!!

    beautiful pictures ;)

  5. thanks,,,There will be a lot more snow here to take photos of. M