Thursday, December 16, 2010

miles davis

I saw Miles perform three times, the first time in the early 70s.


  1. uhh awsm I wish I could see "RED"..I would give my life just to hear them once live..

  2. Saw him at the Pantages and arrived at Massey Hall for the concert that was cancelled because of his stroke. Super music! You are lucky.

  3. Pat, what's the Pantages? What year was that? In the 80's when Miles toured he requested, in his contract, an artist visit him backstage in each city to discuss painting. Wildlife artist Brenda Carter was called up in Ottawa. She didn't know much about him. When they met, she was reminded of the time she came face to face with a wild Black Puma in the jungle in South America, they had the same deep dark eyes,,,