Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jones Falls 1

I will use the next few postings to show pictures of the Jones Falls Lock Station, part of the Rideau Canal, now a World Heritage Site. The canal is a chain of beautiful lakes, rivers and canal cuts joining Kingston, at the head of Lake Ontario, to Ottawa, Canada's capital city. It is one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th century and incredibly, has enjoyed continuous operation in essentially the same manner since 1832. Jones Falls lockstation is the highest lift of any location on the Rideau Canal, 18m, there are 4 locks. During the winter theses locks are empty and you can appreciate their size. These photos were taken with my Kodak DC4800 that I bought in 1996.


  1. great images. very interesting textures. Happy New Year's! Have a great day with family and friends.

  2. winter essence that i haven't seen in years. thank you for this escape into memories. please have you and yours a happy new year.

    daily athens

  3. Crikey, I've seen canal locks here but never anything on this scale - awesome! Have a great 2011 Michael.

  4. Good stuff! Michael!
    Now spread your arms! it!
    Thank you for bringing this to us..
    Have a beautiful 2011!

  5. Hienot kuvat mahtavan tieto-paketin kanssa...!
    Uutta kuva-tietoa minulle...
    Hyvää vuoden 2011 alkua...!