Monday, January 24, 2011



I like my retro cam phone which I use for many of the shots on this blog. But I need a new camera, my Kodak is 11 yrs old, the strap mount fell off, what should I get? Which camera can capture the clouds? mid price range? Any ideas? M


  1. I would say a starter or semi-pro model would do the trick.
    Not TO expensive ones, I mean.
    But I am no expert on this. :-)
    Any camera that allows you to work manually I would say.
    Than you can underexpose, wich is what you mostly have to do when you want to capture clouds nicely.
    But I am sure you will get more detailed advice from somebody.

  2. Oh! I have a canon 1000D myself.
    And very happy with it!
    Especially since I bought a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens for it.
    It is just great! I am in love with it. :-)

  3. I' ve been wondering about this. Maybe you meant a compactcamera?
    Only one problem when buying a camera. To much choise!
    If you want to buy a camera with changeble lenses, you should check the prices of lenses. Maybe you want to change lense later on. For example, Nikon lenses are a lot more expensive than those of Canon. I thougt you would get a lot of reactions to my 'advice'. Protest. Because in photography there are many ways to go.
    Anyway. I wish you a lot of luck and FUN on your hunt!
    And I will await your photographs! Because, telephone, compact or otherwise.
    Your photographs are really great!

  4. Thanks for the info Nadja. I do like the idea of having a camera that is compact. Which camera can you put in your pocket and still get great photos with?
    I've been looking at the Canon online,,,Today I'm going to the Grand Canyon, I'm very excited,,,M

  5. Oh wow!
    We can expect great photographs again than!
    Have fun!
    And good luck!
    (I don't now anything about compactcameras.
    But I think these days they most of them should be fine.)

  6. Maybe I have a nice tip for you.
    I'm sorry, I totally forgot about that because I always work manual.
    But, if you want to take photographs of sky and clouds it is a good idea to use exposure bias! This is, on most compacts I think, a small button with + and - symbol.
    You should set that to - 2 steps or so. Than you have more detail! The clouds will come out stronger! I would say: Ty it out! Maybe you know this already but I thougt I should mention it because the difference can be spectacular!
    It is even a good idea to standard use it at -1 or 2!
    Only when you have very light subjects like a lot of snow, maybe you should set it to +.

  7. Thanks, my old Kodak has the +- button that I use, it comes in handy, thanks I haven't started looking around at cameras yet, I'm on holiday here, soon back to work in Canada.