Saturday, March 26, 2011

cows listening to dr dre


  1. i have a confession.
    i moo at cows!

    love these Michael.


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  3. Let me start again. These cows seem enthralled with the music, as much as cows can be enthralled. I have to confess that I moo at cows too. I think you started something here Michael :^)

  4. You know Michael cows are sacred in India as they are the provider of milk and was Lord Krishana's favourite animal. And in some of the cities there are huge cow houses as in we call it 'Gaushalas' , where cows and bulls are sheltered. The injured one are picked from streets and kept under care.

    Sorry if I added much of the info, but really liked your post.

  5. Hienoja kuvia Lehmistä. Meillä melkoisen yleisiä maatiloilla...
    Kyllä niille musiikkia soitetaan navetassa...!