Thursday, April 14, 2011


Les in 1929 in Margate England on his BSA mototrcycle.

Les grew up in England. During WWII he designed upgrades for the Spitfire airplanes. He went on to help design the first jet airliners for BOAC. He lives in Canada now. He married my mother when he was 95.

Les is very good with watercolours.

I spent the day with Les and my mother on Tuesday. We worked in the garden together. He's 101 and still going strong. He's working on his memoirs.


  1. Michael, the is a wonderful post. Les is a beautiful man. His stride in the one black and white shot shows the man with confidence and pride. His art is beautiful and the last to photographs shows a man who has not stopped.
    This is an inspirational post,

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. The man is an inspiration! He looks great in those old pics and just as wonderful out working in the garden today. I bet the memoirs will be super. Nice post M!

  3. Amazing!!
    Beautiful :)

  4. how incredible a life. may time continue to treat him kind.

  5. Wow, truly amazing Michael. Les is an inspiration! Wonderful post and images today.

  6. I love this. And we are all on the same road, yes? :)

  7. The BSA is hot!
    And so is Les!
    Back then, but now still.
    What a handsome man.
    Super retro pictures!

  8. What a great post!
    Young, and young at heart!
    I would like a spin on that bike.....