Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Iqaluit northern lights

Monday night- The clouds are gone and I wonder if I might see the northern lights tonight. From my room I watch out the window and in a while I see them. I go outside in front of the hotel, not the best spot to watch the sky, it's busy and there is a noisy bar at the front. Looking up, I see the lights start to swirl and dance across the sky. Jupiter is very bright behind the swirling lights. An Inuit woman told me that you have to whistle or scream at the northern lights and you must be careful they can take your head off.
A local fellow comes by and says "You're lucky, I've been here for three years and haven't seen the lights with the pinks and purple colours like we're seeing now. Do you have $12? Go in a taxi to Apex where there is no ambient light, it would be amazing." But just then a fine rain starts to fall and clouds start to cross the sky, the show is over.

I couldn't capture the lights with my camera very well.


  1. What a world !

    Please have a good Wednesday.