Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm in Iqaluit to teach a course in leather bag making to 10 Inuit women.
The women are very talented. They have completed classes before and make some beautiful things . The classroom is sparse and I wish I had brought so many more things with me. I like the people I have met Justin from NACA and Diane, who is the senior instructor of the fur production and design program here at the Nunavut Arctic College. I miss my workshop and the familiar machines I have. We worked on patterns the first day. I encouraged the women to make fancy fronts on the first bag we make. At the end of the work day we had a look at the sewing machines . The women were right in there checking them out , moving them around, some of them won't be suitable and the thread is soft cotton instead of the strong nylon I use.

Meeka , who was taking part in my workshop made this coat.


  1. Wow! Meeka made a fantastic coat! Wonderful!
    And, he is a very very handsome man, too!
    The look on his face is very impressive and sexy.
    :-)) The photo is super fantastic!

  2. Wonderful Michael! I am sure they are getting a lot out of your course.

  3. art which wonders through the centuries.

    please have a good weekend.